Confession: Good for the body and the soul

Bob at Mr. Standfast appreciates Dietrich Bonhoeffer, which automatically makes him good people. He has written a thoughtful piece on the way that sin isolates us not only from God, but from the community of believers, and how confession reunites us with both. Bob calls his essay On Confession: Breakthrough to Community and quotes from a Bonhoeffer book I haven’t read titled Life Together.

Sin wants to fracture us and drive wedges between us; isolated, we are easy pickin’s. Confession and forgiveness draw us together. They unify us in the common experience of the redemptive grace of Jesus. Confession humbles us and makes us aware of our need; forgiveness humbles us and gives us a way to experience the heart of Jesus.

Perhaps the modern Church has difficulty finding unity and true New Testament faith because we are not a confessing church? Life Together sounds like a book worth reading. Go read Bob’s essay, and follow his continuing discussion on Confession and Community.

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