A MILLION reasons to have a will

Every year, thousands of rich Americans exit suddenly for the Great Beyond, leaving their wealth in jeopardy.Unbelievable? It was to me, too, until I began receiving disturbing emails from my many concerned friends in Africa.For example, you've undoubtedly heard of the renowned industrialist ... Continue reading

Signs of change

A week ago — two at most — I was sweltering in my office as the temperatures outside pushed 90F. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, fall finally arrived here in the desert southwest, much to our relief. Today is one of those gray, overcast days common in other parts of the country and so rare here. The ... Continue reading

Thirty years ago today…

I have been remiss in responding to a request from Kim, who writes at The Threshing Floor. Kim tagged me to respond to a meme about ancient history. The question she poses is, "What were you doing ten years ago, twenty years ago and thirty years ago?" I've had to scratch my head a bit to come up ... Continue reading

GodBlogCon 2007 Podcasts

GodBlogCon 2007 recently concluded in Las Vegas. I attended the first GodBlogCon at Biola University, a conference designed to bring Christian bloggers together for an exchange of ideas about how to be more effective witnesses to the truth on the Internet.I wasn't able to attend this year, but ... Continue reading

Unexpected journey

Tuesday morning, my boss asked me to catch a plane that afternoon and fly to Mexico City. I'm posting this from one of the largest and oldest cities in the world, and since I have some time to kill, I thought I'd give you some impressions.Mexico City was founded by the Aztecs, who were wandering ... Continue reading

Joe Carter’s Top 100

Joe Carter of the Evangelical Outpost has honored me by placing this blog on his list of 100 Christian blogs he thinks are usually worth a read, though not necessarily because you'll agree with what you read here. But you already knew that, didn't you? This is not a list of the "best Christian ... Continue reading

Randomly memed

Bonnie — the unicycle-riding, trumpet-playing, lepidopterist who writes at Intellectuelle — has tagged me to join in a new meme with the following rules:Let others know who tagged you. Post 8 random facts about yourself. Post these rules. Tag 8 others to continue the memeHere is my ... Continue reading

The truth about the wild west

No modern movie thriller can manage without a car chase. Bullitt was one of the best, with Steve McQueen squealing through San Francisco in his Mustang GT, hot on the tail of a hit man in a black Dodge Charger. Great cars, great action.In real world San Francisco, you'd never get your Charger ... Continue reading