Out with the old…

It has been just a bit more than 10 years since I started blogging. I don't much like change, but after all that time my old blogging platform had become cranky and unreliable. So I threw out the BandAids and moved to WordPress. That move has allowed me to fix things that were broken, add some new ... Continue reading

Beta testing

I am in the process of moving AnotherThink from Movable Type to Wordpress. This change will give me a chance to add a number of improvements to the site and to fix some things that had broken. I'm moving 650 blog posts, their comments, email lists, media files, and other debris between two ... Continue reading

Courage of our convictions

Elmer Charles Bigelow had the courage of his convictions. The 25-year-old from Hebron, Illinois, enlisted in the US Navy at the beginning of WWII, and after training was assigned to the USS Fletcher, a destroyer that was part of the US Pacific fleet. During fighting in the Philippines, the Fletcher ... Continue reading

In the land of tigers and elephants

Sawat-dee-kahp. Good health and salutations from Chiang Mai, Thailand, where I have been attending a conference for the past ten days and playing the tourist in my spare time. My travels usually take me to Latin America, especially Mexico. My first visit to Thailand has been a unique and enjoyable ... Continue reading

Doing a lot with a little

Stone, brick and concrete: In southern Mexico, where wood and steel are costly, homes and offices are built with materials from the earth. The oldest buildings are constructed of quarried stone, traditionally a green-tinted limestone, or sun-baked coffee-colored adobe bricks. These were used to ... Continue reading


A Mexican friend was talking about the differences between the food he grew up with and American fare. There are hardly any similarities at all, but one of the things he said stuck with me: "Unless I'm served tortillas, it doesn't seem like a meal to me."And he's right. Tortillas are an ... Continue reading

Random access

My puppies are nearing their first birthdays. They still play like puppies, but at almost 80 pounds apiece, Taffy and her brother Jesse have the heft and the window-rattling woofs of big dogs now.They never run out of energy, but the 100 degree summer heat has slowed them down. They've been ... Continue reading

Challenger: In memoriam

I was in my office that cold morning in 1986, puzzling out a way to print a dictionary using the UNIX Troff program, when my Dutch colleague, Gertjan, entered my office and said, "I think something bad has happened."For the rest of the morning we listened to the radio in horrified disbelief as ... Continue reading