Beyond Roe?

Politically, legally, and technologically, the 33-year-old court decision [Roe v. Wade] is increasingly obsolete as a framework for managing decisions about reproduction. —William Saletan, The Road from Roe, Slate, March 4, 2006 After years of relative quiet, the abortion wars have flared up again. ... Continue reading

Abortion’s dirty little secret

Joe Carter at the Evangelical Outpost wonders why research showing that abortion does long-term harm to a woman's health gets so little attention: In one of the largest and most comprehensive longitudinal studies ever conducted on the subject, a research team led by Professor David M. Fergusson, ... Continue reading

The politics of power

I'm a card-carrying Democrat. I'll pause here for a moment while you regain your composure. Just put your head between your knees, breathe deeply, and in a few minutes the room will stop spinning.There, feel better? No? Let me explain myself briefly before moving on to the actual point of ... Continue reading