Carrying our bones

On the first beautiful Sunday in spring, when the air was crisp and the sky deep blue, my parents and grandparents would bundle us off to the family cemetery to pay our respects. They had gathered fresh-cut flowers from my grandmother's garden, and I remember my grandmother wearing a hat and white ... Continue reading

A Jewish perspective on Jesus

Once again I'd like to point you to Rachel's excellent blog, Velveteen Rabbi. Some time ago, I asked a question about modern Judaism, one that she promised to answer in a future post. She did so, and wow has she given me a lot to think about.My question was essentially this: Since modern Judaism ... Continue reading

Acknowledging suffering

Rachel at Velveteen Rabbi is a Jewish woman who cares deeply about the traditions of her faith and its continuing relevance for seekers of God in this postmodern age. Today is Tisha B'Av, a name I remember from an old Alan Sherman song parody but never actually understood, until now.In her post ... Continue reading