Virginia Tech and suffering

Many of us are at a loss for words after the senseless wickedness of an angry young man killing 32 innocent students at Virginia Tech. There will be time for reflection and analysis later. For now, we should pray for the injured and the grieving.In the final hours of His life, Jesus gave this ... Continue reading

How many angels fit on the head of a pin?

Imagine that in the next few days, you're invited to a holiday party. During a heated debate about crop circles and harmonic convergences, someone shouts, "Well, I think modern science has pretty well proved that the Bible is bunk." The room goes silent and all eyes turn to you, Ms. Token ... Continue reading

Grand re-opening!

Back when I first started blogging, when my only regular visitor was my wife, I stumbled one day across a web site called Sword and Spirit. After just a few minutes of browsing, I knew I had found something truly remarkable.Sword and Spirit Ministries is the vision of two close friends, Dan ... Continue reading