Mark Daniels on immigration, Part 2

In his second post on How Christians Might Think About the Immigration Issue, Pastor Mark Daniels focuses on the biblical concept of justice. In this series of posts, Mark is trying to lay a foundation of principles that will help us approach the immigration debate, and relate to the illegal ... Continue reading

Mark Daniels on immigration

My good friend and fellow blogger Mark Daniels (Better Living) is beginning a series of posts he is calling How Christians Might Think About the Illegal Immigration Issue. Mark has a good head on his shoulders, so I'm sure this series is going to be worth reading. He seems to be approaching this ... Continue reading

What others have to say

In between fixing recalcitrant computers and answering my phone, I've been reading some great stuff on other blogs. BTW, I use Bradbury Software's excellent Feed Demon to collect the latest posts. Much faster than clicking down through a list of bookmarks. Julana writes at Life in the Slow Lane. ... Continue reading

Mark Daniels: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10

Mark Daniels has written a nice post on the importance of daily Bible reading at Better Living. The moment you turn from sin and believe in Jesus Christ, you are part of God’s kingdom. But growing up in the faith, living in the confidence that God willingly gives His children, being able to face ... Continue reading