Catez on Slumdog Millionaire

Since I haven't managed to see this movie yet, I was interested in Catez Steven's impressions on Slumdog Millionaire. She has some good comments about the movie's moral threads. "It's a movie that works on a lot of different levels, and it reminded me of a Rushdie novel in the way the elements are ... Continue reading

Wave phrases

I used to think I understood things. As my hair has grayed, I've grown less sure of myself.You couldn't tell me anything in high school — I knew it all. I had life figured out. Do you remember those days?This piece by Catez Stevens took me back to those days of youthful confidence and ... Continue reading

The Nativity Story: Thumbs up

I've been wondering whether to go see The Nativity Story, the new movie that tells the story of Mary, Joseph and the birth of Jesus. My good friend Catez Stevens has answered the question: Go see it, she says! As I walked through supermarket aisles the day after seeing the film and looked at all ... Continue reading


One of the benefits of the blogging phenomenon is that you are always just a click away from something really good. Here are a few of the posts from other bloggers that I've been reading this week. The Rev. Mark Daniels at Better Living is always worth reading. Mark's interests range from history to ... Continue reading

Beauty, power and humor

There are some blogs I check every day, because they are so consistently worth reading. Let me pass on some recommendations.All Things 2 All by Catez Stevens of New Zealand is always a place for God-soaked wisdom. Yesterday, Catez posted Beauty Talk, inspired by reflections about beauty by John ... Continue reading

Spotlight on Darfur — 2

Catez of All Things 2 All originated the idea of a montly collection of posts highlighting the continuing suffering in the Sudan. The progress towards peace and justice has been too slow and too little, but what relief there is has come about because of the raised voices of people the world over. By ... Continue reading

A Muslim response to London

Catez at All Things 2 All is once again on the leading edge. She has been reading a blog by Ahmad, a London Muslim who writes under the name Iraqi Expat. Ahmad is part of a growing number of moderate Muslims who are horrified by Islamic extremism and are beginning to say so.In a post titled ... Continue reading

The Darfur Collection at All Things 2 All

Catez at AllThings2All has assembled a collection of posts on the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, Sudan. Here is how she describes it: The Darfur Collection brings together various writers who share a common concern for the people of Darfur and a desire to see an end to the suffering and genocide in ... Continue reading