Underwater Thanksgiving

The headlines don't seem to offer much reason for being thankful this Thanksgiving.My home state of Arizona is second in the nation for "underwater" mortgages, according to a Wall Street Journal report. 48% of all homeowners here owe the bank more than their homes are worth. Nationally, 23% of ... Continue reading

GodBlogCon 2007 Podcasts

GodBlogCon 2007 recently concluded in Las Vegas. I attended the first GodBlogCon at Biola University, a conference designed to bring Christian bloggers together for an exchange of ideas about how to be more effective witnesses to the truth on the Internet.I wasn't able to attend this year, but ... Continue reading

Randomly memed

Bonnie — the unicycle-riding, trumpet-playing, lepidopterist who writes at Intellectuelle — has tagged me to join in a new meme with the following rules:Let others know who tagged you. Post 8 random facts about yourself. Post these rules. Tag 8 others to continue the memeHere is my ... Continue reading