Swiss troops march on Liechtenstein

Under the cover of darkness, a crack Swiss commando unit penetrated deep into the country of Liechtenstein in what some are calling a test of the tiny nation's defenses.Tensions along the Swiss - Liechtenstein border have been running high for weeks over recent remarks by Liechtenstein's Crown ... Continue reading

Our quest for knowledge

A great many first-time readers of this blog find their way here by means of a search engine. They type some phrase into Google, and up pops a link to AnotherThink, the source of all wisdom.Here are a few of the searches that led people to AnotherThink in January:Use ruminate in a sentence. ... Continue reading

It started with a paper cut

Reaching for a book this morning, I caught the edge with the tip of my finger and came away with a paper cut. Bled like a stuck pig, as we colorful southerners like to say.After bandaging my wound, it became obvious that I'd have difficulty typing on my computer with a damaged digit. My entire ... Continue reading

Coyote incontinence

A coyote urinated on my morning newspaper. I am fairly certain this is not the kind of problem paperboys have in most parts of the country.I thought about calling for a replacement, but I didn't want to have to tell the customer service rep that a coyote left a huge puddle of pee on our ... Continue reading

Raccoons on a plane!!!

LAS VEGAS — A gang of 8 psychotic raccoons terrorized passengers on a flight from Seattle yesterday, demanding packages of crackers and peanuts while flashing their teeth. Several passengers were severely bitten while attempting to take back control of the aircraft. The plane was diverted by ... Continue reading

Spirit of service®

I should be thankful that my local telephone monopoly, Qwest®: Spirit of Service®, is so kind as to give me a dial tone. With this dial tone, I can surf Al Gore's Internet at speeds that would have made the Pony Express riders dizzy: up to 28.8 Kbps.I would like to have DSL, and every time ... Continue reading

International Laughter Day

I don't know how it happened, but I missed International Laughter Day. I hear it was a real hoot this year. Even al Qaeda got in the act with their standing-room-only Osama Roast. I hear al-Zarqawi took a lot of ribbing for his skills with automatic weapons. Good times.Laughter has been around ... Continue reading

The Dogs Playing Poker Code

Art historians have long marveled at the arcane symbols said to be hidden in Coolidge's painting, glyphs said to point to whispered revelations of Prior de Dogbone and—it is said—to the worship of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. ...The first painting to be examined by the experts is Coolidge's ... Continue reading