Pray for David Wayne

Pastor David Wayne, aka JollyBlogger, has informed his readers that he has colon cancer and asks for prayers for himself and his family. David leads a Presbyterian (PCA) church in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

David is a smart and witty man who often tackles theological questions on his blog. David was another one of those blogging friendships formed 4 years ago at the first GodBlogCon at Biola University. During a break one day, David invited me to join some of his friends at a patio table and included me as if I had been part of his group all of my life. A very humble and gracious man with a gift for good writing and thinking.

Please join me in praying for wisdom for David and his doctors as they look at immediate treatment options, as well as peace for his wife Lynette, his children and church. And pray that David would receive complete healing by the powerful and merciful hand of Jesus Christ.

Update: David will be having surgery Christmas Eve morning and will begin chemotherapy immediately after that. More details here. Please continue to pray for complete healing and peace for David and his family.

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  1. I’m sorry to hear this. I’ve enjoyed reading his posts. There is a wide range of outcomes for this diagnosis. Will pray for the best.

  2. Many thanks Charlie

  3. Prayers going up this morning in Maine.

  4. Lisa and Curt Davidson says

    We are so sorry to hear of David’s diagnosis. We have been praying that his health improves and his strength returns.

    God is the great physician. Much prayers go to his family and doctors who help return David to good health.