Fat Triplets

The Fat Triplets is a blog I’ve been enjoying lately. An interesting mix of Christianity, technology and a desire to take the gospel to the dark places of the world. And, how many blogs are written by a tag team of identical triplets?

Here are a couple of many posts worth reading.

The Face of Islam. My wife and I spent 5 days at a missions conference in New York where we were able to meet some of the most amazing people. We learned a lot about ministry in Africa and I am going to write several posts about some of the people we met and things we learned.

We were totally blown away by one couple, Keith and Kelly, who are doing ministry in a closed Muslim country in Africa. … They were to go as “tentmakers” so they began working in their country of assignment with “real” jobs since it is illegal to be a Christian missionary in this country. They worked hard. They made friends with their Muslim neighbors and began to live life like they do, walking to the market every day and embracing much of the culture they were in. …

I confessed to [Kelly] that all my patience with Islam was gone. After the rioting, bombing and murders that took place worldwide over some cartoons, I had had enough. I had entered a stage in my heart where I was willing to proclaim openly that “I HATE ISLAM”. The idea that Islam is a religion of peace is simply bull. I told her that. And she agreed. Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam is a heinous religion. But then she said to me: “But for me, Islam has a face. It is my friends and neighbors back in my country in Africa.”

I didn’t know what to say.

inveneo—making the world smaller. I have an interest in the deployment of technology in the developing world, especially Africa. I posted about it months ago when I wrote about the Hundred Dollar Laptop program (now called the One Laptop Per Child Program or OLPC). One of the unique features of the OLPC laptops is that they auto-magically create a wireless grid network with all the OLPC laptops in the vicinity when you boot them up. Imagine a bunch of kids cranking up (literally) their laptops together under the Jacaranda tree and collaborating on their schoolwork (and passing eNotes and eSpitballs).

I remember thinking when I first read about that feature that its too bad so many of these kids would not have access to the Internet. That would open up a whole new world of ideas and information to them that has always been largely inaccessible to children in the developing world.

Enter inveneo. They provide Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to villages and locations without a power grid using alternatives such as bicycle power and solar power. Inveneo’s Vision is “Connecting Villages Around the World.”

The Fat Triplets is worth a visit and a bookmark.

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  1. Charlie,

    Thanks for the nice endorsement and the links. Keep up the good work.