Spotlight on Darfur — 2

Catez of All Things 2 All originated the idea of a montly collection of posts highlighting the continuing suffering in the Sudan. The progress towards peace and justice has been too slow and too little, but what relief there is has come about because of the raised voices of people the world over. By putting pressure on our governmnents, ordinary men and women have awakened the world from its lethargy. It’s only when good people unite on behalf of the powerless that evil is thwarted.

This month’s Spotlight on Darfur contains 16 excellent posts and a wealth of information on the current situation in the Sudan. Thanks to Live from the FDNF for hosting this event.

Let me urge you to bookmark Spotlight on Darfur and take the time to read each and every post. You won’t regret it. Pass the link to your friends. Find a way to join the humanitarian relief effort. Send a letter to your government urging it to increase its efforts. We can’t let the spotlight go out until justice is restored and the refugees return to their homes, with a guarantee that they will be safe from harm.

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