How many angels fit on the head of a pin?

Imagine that in the next few days, you’re invited to a holiday party. During a heated debate about crop circles and harmonic convergences, someone shouts, “Well, I think modern science has pretty well proved that the Bible is bunk.” The room goes silent and all eyes turn to you, Ms. Token Christian.

What will you do? Will you be ready with an informed reply, or will you just slink away and refill your plate with crab puffs?

The embarrassment of Christian ignorance won’t happen to you this holiday season if you get right on over to Sword and Spirit’s Presentation Station before it’s too late.

At Sword and Spirit you’ll find professional Quicktime and Powerpoint presentations, carefully crafted by professionally-trained Christians and designed to equip you with the answers you need to calm even the angriest throng of religious hecklers.

Best of all, these presentations are ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! And since they were authored on the latest Apple computers, they look terrific and they’ll run without a hitch.

At Sword and Spirit’s Presentation Station, you’ll find titles like “The Deity of Christ”, “God is Great, God is Good: So why do bad things happen?”, “Science and the Bible: The big picture”, “A Womb With a View”, and many more. Their two excellent presentations on fetal development are available in both English and Spanish.

Every presentation has beautiful visuals and has been thoroughly researched by a crack team. Perfect for research or for generating dialogue in a discussion group.

The Sword and Spirit folks believe, as I do, that there is nothing simple-minded about faith in Jesus. Christians are sometimes guilty of ducking the hard questions. I have always believed that if the God of the Bible is real, there is no moral or scientific dilemma that can in any way undermine our faith.
Sword and Spirit is a vast resource center for Christians who want to learn, grow and discover how to live out an authentic first-century faith in this modern age. Go check them out, and be prepared to spend hours browsing and reading.

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  1. SteelerDirtFreak :: A 21st Century Missional Redneck Geek says

    Do Yourself A Favor, Go Read This Now…

    …and then add both sites to your links. I don’t think you’ll be sorry you did so.
    AnotherThink: How Many Angels Fit on the Head of a Pin?
    Imagine that in the next few days, you’re invited to a holiday party. During a heated debate about cr…