Christian Carnival XLIII

The most recent Christian Carnival is up at Digitus, Finger & Co. I haven’t had a moment to read any of the entries yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll post some links to my favorites. Meanwhile, go take a look for yourself.

The Carnival is a great way to discover new Christian writers. Go take a look. And you might want to bookmark Digitus, Finger & Co.—Neil Uchitel is an especially entertaining writer.

“Darren of Nicene Theology explores the doctrine of inerrancy in Inerrancy and the Precision of Language. What is the definition of the doctrine of biblical inerrancy, and do inerrantists and anti-interrantists use the same definition?” This is an important topic today, since the Scriptures are more and more being treated as a “living” document, which means that valid understandings of the past may be legitimately invalidated by present or future cultural attitude shifts. Such arguments go to the heart of our views about truth and revelation, which ultimately are themselves at the heart of discussions of “inerrancy” and “infallibility.”

Another great read: Passion for the Sovereignty of God by Brad at 21st Century Reformation. He talks about forgiveness and God’s sovereign hand in our lives. This is a very practical, where-life-hits-the-asphalt sort of essay.

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  1. WOW. Another good blog.

    Today is my lucky day.