Christian Carnival

The Christian Carnival is a travelling show that moves to a new blog every week. It is a weekly list of essays by Christian bloggers who want to draw the attention of the community to a noteworthy, recent post.

This week, the Carnival is being hosted by Belief Seeking Understanding. Follow this link and you’ll discover 34 posts and a short description about each one.

I’ve found that the Carnival is a great way to discover some interesting new blogs and some talented Christian writers. A few of the posts that I enjoyed from this week’s Carnival follow:

From A Physicists’ Perspective, David has written an interesting post on whether there can be such a thing as a private morality: Christianity and Private Morality.

From Parableman, Jeremy has written about Mark 1:40-45, a passage where it appears that Jesus healed a man out of anger. How could that be? Read Mark Tidbit 2: Jesus’ Anger to find out.

From karagraphy, Joy has written a nice piece about the future, dinnerware, and waiting on God. And overreacting. Take the time to read The Price of Franciscan Earthenware.

There are plenty of great articles. Go to Belief Seeking Understanding for lots of other great reading.

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  1. I started a blog just this week and would like more information about the Christian Carnival. I love what I’m reading about it on your site and other sites, but can’t find out any details about how it works. Is there a central site that tells about this? How does a person find out in advance where it will be hosted and how to contribute? Thanks!