What to do with a broken relationship

On the heels of my recent post on Radical reconciliation, I stumbled on an interesting post by Pastor Mark Daniels, a favorite blogger who writes at Better Living. Mark links to a helpful, downloadable booklet he found at the Radio Bible Class titled What do you do with a broken relationship? You … Continue reading

A call for civility

American politics has become increasingly virulent in recent years. As we've grown used to talking about Red and Blue States, it seems the language of politics, the give and take debate on issues, has become more and more aggressive, angry and divisive.Opponents hurl insults at each other and … Continue reading

Virginia Tech and suffering

Many of us are at a loss for words after the senseless wickedness of an angry young man killing 32 innocent students at Virginia Tech. There will be time for reflection and analysis later. For now, we should pray for the injured and the grieving.In the final hours of His life, Jesus gave this … Continue reading

Gerald Ford: Liberty and responsibility

The imperial presidency of Richard Nixon was indeed a "long, national nightmare," in the words of Gerald Ford, a president who was not Nixon's equal when it came to grand, political vision, but was his superior in humility and patriotic respect for America and the constitutional institutions that … Continue reading